MM Mokone WMS Life Members

  • AME Church MM Mokone WMS Life Member Mother Suzan Lesutu
    Mother Suzan Lesutu (Deceased)
  • AME Church MM Mokone WMS Life Member Sister Maryjane Malebye
    Sister Maryjane Malebye
  • AME Church MM Mokone WMS Life Member Sister Rebecca Boikanyo
    Sister Rebecca Boikanyo (Deceased)
  • AME Church MM Mokone WMS Life Member Mother Elizabeth Ndou
    Mother Elizabeth Ndou
  • AME Church MM Mokone WMS Life Member Sister Evelyn Mngadi
    Sister Evelyn Mngadi
Mother Suzan Mantsae Lesutu (Deceased)

Her tyrant works in the previously North Transvaal Conference earned her respect and recognition in high church statues. Over and above in giving support to her late husband Reverend Mamello Lesutu as well as raising children in her family, much of her missionary work never lagged behind. In the year 2007 She became the first mother within Maake Mangena Mokone Conference to be awarded the honour of Life Membership by the Connectional Convention in United States of America.

MM Mokone Life Members

The MM Mokone Women Missionary Society (WMS), proud itself in having God's servants who amongst others have a continued uninterrupted service record of serving in God's vineyard. They made an indelible mark from the Local Circuits, Area, Conference and Episcopal Levels where they were in different positions ensuring that the path followed is that of following on the steps of Jesus Christ. To some extent, they travelled as delegates and observers in different American States, attending the Women Missionary Society Quadrennial Conventions.

Their contribution is vast, their knowledge and experience anchored and still is evident in today's Missionary works of the church. They upheld Christian values on continued basis which still forms the solid foundation of Missionary works.

When mother Suzan Mantsae Lesutu, became the first President of the former North Transvaal Missionary Society, they served in her executive office and pioneered the establishment and smooth functioning of the society. Today the young and old generation within the church, seek endlessly advice from them to ensure that they are not swayed off the track on all works of the church. They further willingly provide missionary magazines, materials and any other related materials relevant to strengthen the church and missionary leadership without reservations.

We hail and salute them; we sit back and pause to meditate that, in their ageing period, they remain steadfast servants of God as they still attend quite a number of missionary activities with constructive inputs they share and advise.

May the Lord Almighty bless them abundantly and the light they carried, continue to bring all the good fruits and blessings to one generation to the other.